Frequently Asked Questions

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Minimum order for initial custom production is $3,000. Thereafter, repeat order minimum may be as low as $500 depending on the product, required components, raw materials & setup requirements.

You may go to RFQ in the above menu or click here to request a quote. Please be as detailed as possible & include your actual quantity requirements.

Following receipt a purchase order for products being produced for the first time, we provide 2 first articles. One to be kept by the customer for their reference and the other shall be approved & returned by the client, so the factory may commence production.

Yes, packaging can be provided as per your specifications. In most cases, packaging is subcontracted by the factory producing your product.

Yes, we do provide prototyping as per actual reference samples and/or detailed written specifications such as CAD files. The cost & delivery time for prototyping is based accordingly.

Production is based on the actual product, its requirements, quantities involved & factory capacity. Complex products which may require molds or tooling may take an average of two weeks (or more) to setup prior to production. Simple products can take as little as 2 – 3 weeks to complete.

Thereafter, shipping by boat, generally takes about 2 weeks to reach a US port and a couple of days to clear customs.

Yes, as long as our minimum order requirements can be met & reference samples and/or detailed written specifications are provided.

Sorry we do not. Our primary expertise is in the mass production of customer specified products.

Depending on your order volume & scheduled releases, your goods can be temporarily warehoused in China or the US & shipped as per your designation. Be advised that warehousing may be subject to storage fees depending on the duration.

Generally, our terms for production are irrevocable LC or TT. Credit terms may be available to customers requiring long production runs with scheduled deliveries & are subject to application approval.

Please contact us before attempting to send samples to us. A representative will then advise you with the correct address that pertains to your product.

We make every effort to keep customer information confidential. However, we cannot sign any agreements which would thereby limit us from sharing information with the factories we represent.

We will agree to sign non-disclosure which specifically pertain to goods in which the United States government has deemed as “unique” via registered Trademark or Patent award.

In respect to both our prospects & clients, the factories we represent are under a general non-disclosure agreement pertaining to the information we share with them. Furthermore our agreement with the factories include the following clauses.

1) Unauthorized replication or infringement of any US registered patents & trademarks.
2) Use of customer property such as molds & tooling (customer provided or purchased).